How Habits Impact Our Life with Luke Mathers

How Habits Impact Our Life with Luke Mathers

luke mathers

author of Curious Habits

Navigating business and life is inevitably stressful at times, and as humans, we develop unique and sometimes rather curious little habits to help combat what we’re feeling inside.


From stress to anxiety to depression, we try to find solutions in habits that are often more a hindrance than a help. Uncomfortable and difficult emotions are part of entrepreneurship and life, so it’s essential we find healthier ways to deal with what’s going on inside.

Learning how to harness these difficult emotions will lead to improved communication, leadership skills and confidence. 

It is possible to embrace stress and anxiety and to use these feelings as indicators to prompt positive habits which pull you forward in the direction you actually want to go. 

However, before you can create new habit loops, you need to understand the root cause as to why you have created the current habits. 

What feeling are you trying to numb, avoid or remove?

In this episode, award-winning author Luke Mathers is back to tackle the power of habits and the importance of remaining curious when it comes to learning more about why you do what you do. 

 In his book, Curious Habits, Luke extensively examines the human psyche, and the role habits play in our behaviour.


It is through understanding your own behaviour, which often goes unnoticed unless deliberately examined, that you can then empower yourself to make lasting changes.

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Unlocking Your Highest Potential with Lachie Smart

Unlocking Your Highest Potential with Lachie Smart

lachie smart

world record pilot and keynote speaker


Making fast decisions is critical in business, but making the right decisions under pressure is even more crucial. 

In this episode Lachie Smart details his experiences making life or death decisions under extreme pressure – and on his own.

Lachie Smart is not your average 24 year old. 

At just 16 years old, Lachie decided to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world and just two and a half years later at 18 years old he achieved this. But Lachie’s journey was far, far from easy. From tireless months of getting told nothing but “no ” when trying to secure sponsorship to only just escaping death due to a bad decision, Lachie knows resilience and perseverance on levels many adults haven’t experienced. 

If you’re looking for ways to inspire people to jump onboard your vision like Lachie did, or want to learn how to execute faster and more effectively in your business by making clear, collaborative critical decisions, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

Overcoming objection and seeing setbacks as the foundation to success is a mindset that can be developed, in this episode, Boo, Sean and Lachie explore ways to do just that. The team explore how to stop getting stuck in the weeds of your business and how to switch busy for productive. Lachie also shares some key insights into the power of measuring your success on a day-to-day basis – “If you’re not measuring how well you are improving since yesterday, are you actually improving?” 

Discover the formula that goes into identifying your purpose and how to structure your life around that which you love.  

During this interview, Lachie shares words of wisdom from his father that acted as a guiding light for him during his darkest times and how he was able to set the record as the youngest pilot to ever fly solo around the world. He delves into his dream to support and mentor millennials as they make their own difficult life choices as well as sharing insights into the business world and the lessons he has learnt through working directly with high level executives and business leaders.  

In this episode Lachie also shares key insights into lessons he learnt during the planning stage of his solo flight and lessons he learnt in the air.  

Find out how to identify and develop your purpose, how to make faster decisions backed by strategy and how to overcome the hardest of challenges life throws at you.

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Leading High-Performance Teams with Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk

tim curtis & ben pronk

Founder of The Resilience Shield


It’s no secret that the path to success is filled with obstacles, challenges and adversity.

It takes time to grow resilience, but if you really want to reach that big mission, becoming more resilient is the key to unlocking your potential. 

The good news is that no matter where you’re starting from, resilience is a muscle, and with training, it can grow stronger.

Successfully managing teams, developing your business and reaching milestones is no easy feat, but the right mindset can make the journey a whole lot more fun. Through self awareness we can evaluate where we currently are in terms of our resilience levels and where we want to be. Then, it’s about getting to work to grow that muscle. 

Today we explore the pathway to becoming more resilient. 

Discover the formula that goes into high-level resilience with Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk on this episode of The Few Podcast.

As experienced Officers from the Special Air Services (SASR), NBA grads and veterans of the Australian Army, Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk know what it takes to build and maintain resilience. 

Tim and Ben have used their positions within leadership roles to educate their teams on what it takes to become resilient and overcome adversity.

During this interview, Tim and Ben share their experiences on the power of self awareness and gratitude, the cure for cognitive overload and how to navigate the fine balance between being resilient without losing yourself and becoming too tough. We also discuss the paradox of needing to be vulnerable to be resilient and the need to let your guard down and connect with others.

Find out how to grow your resilience muscle on the show today!

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Discovering The Formula For High-Level Achievement With Kate Roffey

Discovering The Formula For High-Level Achievement With Kate Roffey

kate roffey

president of the melbourne football club


Dominating a highly-competitive space is a feat specially reserved for members of “The Few”!

This statement poses the question…

Is it possible to enter a saturated industry and make an impact despite all the competition and noise?

Successfully managing the pressure that comes with running a business or leading a team is what separates the elite from the crowd.

Today we will unpack how to do this in 2022.

Despite being in charge and making the big calls, it is important to note everything is much bigger than you.

Difficult tasks require world-class management, otherwise, they always fall back on the leader.

This experience means you need to inspire the team to perform autonomously with permission to step up as required.

You must also learn to embrace the challenges that “letting go” create. 

Never lose sight of yourself when chasing goals because this self-care is the foundation to fulfilment.

Discover the formula that goes into high-level achievement with Kate Roffey on this episode of The Few Podcast.

As an experienced leader, Kate has held several offices, using these positions to cultivate rapid change.

Currently serving as the AFL president of the Melbourne Demons, Kate recently led the Dee’s to break a 6-decade Premiership drought in her first year!

Find out how to replicate this level of success on the show today!

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Discovering The Formula For High-Level Achievement With Kate Roffey

Transforming Leaders With Gemma Munro

gemma munro

high-performance coach and though leader


Success, Fulfilment & Performance!

How can we accelerate these three elements to create rapid growth in 2022? 

The industries we serve may differ, but the principles remain the same for expansion.

Maybe it is time to make a conscious decision to leave your comfort zone.

Why not pursue those “life-changing dreams” at the level required to make them come true.

Brave choices and action separate “The Few” from the pack.

This process usually requires dropping limiting behaviours or beliefs that create the current results. 

To discover what it takes to become a world-class performer, we welcome leadership and growth expert Dr Gemma Munro on this episode of The Few Podcast

As a thought leader and transformational specialist, Gemma has an unbridled wealth of knowledge and experience in performance psychology.

Gemma will inspire a rediscovery of “you”, reigniting the passion for creating more. 

Use the tools to shed any weight holding you down and come one step closer to living life on your terms.


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