Adam posner

president and founder of nhp talent


What distinguishes “The Few” from the rest is the ability to hit the ground and bounce back up again.

When you look at experience, it is the culmination of past “failures.”

As individuals who demand and expect the best from ourselves, it’s essential to learn lessons from our experiences and turn them into assets. 

This strategy turns “failure” into future success.

Although, picking yourself up after a major fall is easier said than done.

What is the secret to getting back on course and redefining your self-worth?

Rock bottom is mentally and physically challenging, however, it can create enough pain and leverage to trigger massive action and change.

When you have no place to go but up it’s a different experience than being comfortable.

To discuss this transformation opportunity on The Few Podcast is Adam Posner, the President and Founder of NHP Talent Group. 

With nearly two decades of experience in advertising and marketing, Adam brings unique insights to recruitment that are re-shaping the industry.

Adam has overcome several life-changing hurdles positioning himself to shed light on rediscovering your purpose and climbing to the top again.

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