Breaking Stereotypes and Tackling Inequality with Amna Karra Hassan

In this episode of The Few Podcast, Amna Karra Hassan joins Sean and Boo to offer a thought-provoking perspective to the fight against gender inequality, race and religious segregation.

We dissect how far the world has come in this fight and what’s still left to be done.

We dive into controversial 2020 topics such as Black Lives MatterAuburn Giants FC and the Me Too movement, also taking a domestic view in Australia.
Amna provides deep insight into how society can do things can be better and leveraging outrage to impact positive change.

How do global movements like Black Lives Matter and Me Too shape local conversations and attitudes about race and identity?

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion with Amna Karra Hassan, a Muslim woman from Western Sydney with an active professional and sports life, as we explore the complexities of diversity, inclusion, and identity.

Listen in as Amna shares her journey into the world of sports, specifically AFL (Auburn Giants FC), and how it has led to incredible opportunities and partnerships. We address confronting racism in football, tackling racial and gender inequality, and the need for better leadership to promote unity and positivity.

Discover the importance of staying true to ourselves, being a positive force for change in our communities, processing negative emotions into positive outcomes, and the value of having a strong inner circle to support our goals.

Don’t miss this insightful conversation as we navigate the challenging landscape of diversity, inclusion, and identity in today’s world.

Amna K Hassan

I do things deliberately to ensure that I am able to maintain that energetic, passionate person who can contribute something to society.

3:06 – Redefining conversations
4:54 – What happens globally impacts us locally
6:55 – What does it feel like to be a minority group?
11:58 – Turning outrage into positive change
13:52 – How Amna founded a women’s AFL team (Auburn Giants)
16:59 – How are you using your gifts to add value to society and contribute something meaningful?
21:51 – Growing up and experiencing racism at school
30:30 – Leadership: How to take outrage but deliver a positive message
33:34 – Building a strong network to become more effective
35:05 – Using your influence to advocate for change
38:00 – Having perspective and knowing your values
41:00 – Being resilient to help other people through challenging times

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