Overcome Fear and Embrace Courage in Leadership with Amy Riley

In this episode of The Few with Boo, host Boo and special guest Amy Riley delve into the theme of courage in leadership and the fear of authenticity that often accompanies it. As they share personal experiences and professional insights, they explore the brain’s response to perceived threats and the prevalence of impostor syndrome in leadership.

You will learn:

  1. The importance of authenticity, speaking up, trusting legacy, and being bold as pillars of leadership courage.
  2. How negative thoughts and feelings can lead to a downward spiral, while positive beliefs can lead to better actions and results.
  3. Strategies for identifying one’s strengths as a leader, including self-assessments and seeking feedback from others.
  4. The challenges and responsibilities of parenting in fostering courage and facing the unknown in children.
  5. How to navigate organizational culture conflicts with one’s values as a leader, either by leaving or influencing change from within based on individual circumstances and values.
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Our beliefs impact our behaviors, impact our results. So if we're thinking 'this doesn't work,' then the actions that we see as possible are lessened, and the actions that we can take powerfully look different.

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