Andrew Macleod

Global leader and change maker in critical geopolitical, security and environment management

The importance of finding balance in your life, (health, family and career) can never be overstated.

That ability to walk a fine line between separation and engagement is key to living a life on purpose.

Setting standards for yourself when measuring achievements is crucial to determine how far you’ve come and instrumental to charting a clear course for the future.

But, how do you ensure you weigh your actions and decisions on the right scale?

What are the best benchmarks to use?

How do you assess the results without bias?

Join cost hosts Boo and Sean on today’s episode of The Few Podcast as Andrew MacLeod reveals powerful answers to these questions.

As an Australian/British businessman, author, humanitarian lawyer and former aid worker, Andrew has spent most of his life doing what he loves and living on purpose.

Yet, even he acknowledges that trying to establish whether or not you’re living to your fullest potential can be a tall order.

However, over time, he’s been able to devise a simple test to determine if he could be doing more.

What is it and how does it work?

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • The first step towards designing a purposeful life in 2021.
  • How to do what you love without compromising other key areas of your life.
  • How to evaluate yourself objectively to enhance performance and production.
  • How to double down on your best qualities to compound the return.
  • How to consciously control thoughts and actions to create inspiring intention.

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