Living on Purpose: Discovering Balance and Fulfillment with Andrew MacLeod

Embark on a thought-provoking episode of “The Few Podcast” with co-hosts Boo and Sean, as they delve into the vital importance of finding balance in life across health, family, and career. Discover the key to walking the fine line between separation and engagement, a skill essential to living a purposeful life.

Setting clear standards for measuring achievements is crucial to determining your progress and charting a course for the future. But how do you ensure you’re weighing your actions and decisions on the right scale? What are the best benchmarks to use? And how can you assess the results without bias?

Joining the conversation is Andrew MacLeod, an Australian/British businessman, author, humanitarian lawyer, and former aid worker who has devoted his life to doing what he loves and living on purpose. In this episode, Andrew shares powerful insights and a simple test he has devised to determine if one can be doing more to reach their fullest potential.

Discover the first step towards designing a purposeful life in 2021 and learn how to pursue your passions without compromising other essential aspects of your life. Gain valuable insights into objectively evaluating yourself to enhance performance and production. Andrew’s wisdom will guide you in doubling down on your best qualities to compound your return and consciously controlling your thoughts and actions to create inspiring intentions.

Find inspiration in achieving balance and purpose in life, and learn how to thrive in every aspect of your journey! Utilize the power of intention and take charge of your life to create a fulfilling and harmonious existence.

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