Anyier Yuol

Founder of Miss Sahara and Anyier Model Management


What meanings are you attaching to the events in your life and business?

Having a “what could this mean” perspective can turn a negative situation into a position lesson or pivot opportunity if you can reframe the experience.

When you take this alternative approach to a temporary hardship, situations are easier to manage with opportunities on the horizon much clearer. 

Easy in theory, but what is the “trick” to building this resilient mindset?

A view that looks beyond challenging circumstances and sees the untapped value each lesson could represent.

Let’s unlock the vault!

In this episode of The Few Podcast, Anyier Yuol brings a new way of approaching setbacks to the microphone. 

The founder and CEO of Miss Sahara and Anyier Model management, Anyier has spent a lifetime seeing hurdles in a different light to most.

Anyier has a unique ability to hold a positive and resilient outlook toward life, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible.

Find out her recipe for re-shaping your mind into a weapon that can conquer any “battle”.

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