Richard Kelsey & Geoff Huens | Beer Cartel | Building A Craft Beer Empire

The Beer Cartel Philosophy

“At Beer Cartel we believe there is simply too little time to waste on poor beer – our founding philosophy is to put good beer in the hands of consumers, allowing people to enjoy quality craft beer sourced from across the world.”

Get inside the minds of two elite entrepreneurs, Rich and Geoff from the Beer Cartel, to find how they’ve grown their business into what it is today, despite the many setbacks they faced.

Today, Sean and Boo will uncover the passion and motivation that have brought them this far, including what sparked their entrepreneurial drive.

Discover the strategies they’ve used to build Beer Cartel from scratch including a deep-dive into their biggest setbacks and how they recovered to turn a 400% profit.

Business comes with endless challenges, this video will unlock many of the answers you’re looking for..


4:46 – Is entrepreneurialism in your DNA?
7:00 – The challenges that came with scaling the business
9:34 – Working in a corporate job and pulling a deposit from an apartment to inject cash into the business
12:16 – How do you define success?
13:18 – The truth about business partnerships
17:43 – The biggest challenge we faced with our advent calendars in 2018
22:22 – The importance of planning ahead and problem solving for tough periods
26:03 – Get yourself a mentor
30:34 – Growth during COVID
35:34 – The SLJs (Shitty Little Jobs)
39:06 – If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice…

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