From Beer Enthusiasts to Thriving Entrepreneurs: The Inspiring Journey of Beer Cartel

What happens when passion for beer meets entrepreneurial spirit? Richard and Geoff from Beer Cartel join us to share their inspiring journey from beer enthusiasts to thriving business owners. With their incredible 400% growth in Beer Cartel and 700% growth in Brewquets during COVID, they discuss their roots in the beer industry, the importance of strong relationships and trust in business, and how finding common ground based on shared passion can lead to long-term success.

If you don't like problem solving, don't get into business.

0:03:07 – Discovering Craft Beer Abroad
0:11:28 – How It Started
0:17:45 – Lessons Learned From Setbacks
0:25:45 – Lessons Learned in Retail Business
0:30:35 – Business Growth During COVID
0:33:46 – Adaptation and Resilience in Business
0:39:46 – Navigating the Challenges of Business
0:42:47 – The Importance of Education & Problem-Solving

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