ben mcgarry

founder of totus capital

There’s never been a better time in recent history to become finance-savvy. 

However, making prudent investments and increasing cash flow is challenging without the knowledge or skillset. 

If you don’t take the time to learn the basics, it can turn good intentions into economic losses.

We’ve all heard about hedge funds. But what exactly are they? How does this industry operate? What do you need to get started, and how can you thrive? 

These are critical questions to explore before venturing down this path.

When you have a deeper understanding of this type of investment opportunity and how it works, you can start determining if it’s right for you.

To that end, we invited one of the foremost minds in hedge fund investment, Ben McGarry, to shed more light on this heavily publicised topic. 

Ben, the Portfolio Manager of Totus Capital, has over a decade of experience in this volatile field.

As a veteran investor, he shares a unique story about breaking into this space and shares insider resources to make the journey easier. 

Investment can appear to be a highly complex affair, but Ben breaks down the different aspects of hedge fund operation and management for anyone looking to understand these vehicles.

With this experienced guide, you can take the first steps towards expanding your portfolio and financial knowledge base.


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