campbell macpherson

author of the change catalyst


Does reality dominate your experience in challenging times or do you never lose sight of the dream?

The ability to reflect using a macro perspective is crucial to maximising the use of your resources at critical moments in life.

Learning how to navigate the myriad of emotions that come with extreme change influences the speed at which you grow or detract.

Boo and Sean, the co-anchors of The Few Podcast interview celebrated author, Executive Fellow of Henley Business School, and international business advisor, Campbell McPherson

Campbell pulls back the curtains on how to deal with the conflicting nature of change productively and sustainably.

If you need help transitioning personally or as a team leader, then tune in for this insightful conversation!

Highlights From Today’s Episode:

  • How to tap into all the growth skills and assets at your disposal.
  • A step-by-step road map for utilising “failures” and lessons as expansion tools.
  • The 5 tenets of change to live by every day.
  • Unlocking the importance of creating flexible strategies which can pivot as the landscape changes.
  • The life-changing steps to follow that unlock the secrets to successful change.


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