dai manuel

health and lifestyle mentor

Staying on top of life, family, and work from day to day is a recurring challenge with no obvious road map.

 It’s easy to go through the motions and lose sight of the important things that matter.

This is why using a model to run your life helps.

Make a transition from taking life as it comes to conditioning your actions and responses to become deliberate and calculated. 

Building a healthy lifestyle takes work and the older you get, the more you’ll appreciate putting in the time and commitment into this application.

Health is wealth.

So how do you get started on this journey and what can you expect further down the road?

Is it possible to craft a resilient attitude that doesn’t quit in the face of challenges?

Dai Manuel, a fitpreneur, lifestyle mentor, and keynote speaker with three decades of experience shares expert strategies on how to get the balance right.

Side by side with anchors Boo and Sean in this episode of The Few Podcast, Dai downloads the plan for developing a healthy and happy lifestyle, regardless of age or disposition.

Dai breaks down the complexities of this powerful subject into digestible pieces, so you don’t want to miss this episode.

Highlights From Today’s Episode:

  • Why designing a model to live your life is essential to achieving balance.
  • The Pain Threshold – What it is and how do you leverage it to achieve life-changing goals at record speed?
  • Why a healthy lifestyle should be the major priority over any other pursuits.

  • How to live a functionally fit and happy life well into your twilight years with deliberate daily practices.

  • The mechanics behind building and sustaining a healthy lifestyle living in an instant-gratification culture.


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