Inspirational Leader | Burns Survivor | International Author & Speaker

Dana’s Story

In this episode of “The Few Podcast”, Sean and Boo welcome the inspirational Dana Vulin to the show breaking down a how a series of harrowing accidents reshaped her life to redefine her as a person.

We explore her painful struggle to overcome a horrific fire accident and the clarity this experience has brought her.

We delve into how Dana found the resolve to return to school and earn her third degree despite the enormous challenges in her way.

Dana provides clarity on how you can overcome anything and emerge stronger than you were before on the other side.

Major highlights in today’s episode:

  • How random acts of violence led to the incredible reshaping of a life.
  • The secret to staying positive and strong even in the darkest of places.
  • Where family and support systems fit in the face of devastating adversity.
  • The power of making a decision and eliminating all fallbacks.
  • How to tap into an unlimited source of self-confidence.



5:00 – Dana’s Story
9:10 – The Road To Recovery
17:30 – Feeling your feelings and being grateful
20:00 – The biggest burns recovery in the world
23:50 – Fearing nothing because there’s nothing to lose
27:30 – Powerful life advice from Dana
34:00 – Impactful advice to young girls on how to live a purposeful life


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