Author Of SYSTEMology | Serial Business Owner

Systemising your team and business operation optimises performance, whilst reducing key person dependency.

Responsibility can be created and shared by building autonomous teams – taking the historical onus off you as the leader.

One-way leadership is well on the way out.
Establishing a smaller, elite, and goal-oriented team with a production focus is the way of the future.

Are you prepared to start letting go?

Are there efficient ways of delegating responsibility to your team that will enhance productivity whilst inspiring performance (instead of overwhelming)?

Imagine fostering a team that can handle difficult tasks and hit ambitious KPIs with minimal supervision.

Leaders can struggle if they take on too much of the physical and mental load, denying them the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture.

This “key person dependence” is responsible for many teams and organisations failing to live up to their potential.

On this extraordinary episode of The Few Podcast, Boo and Sean welcome a visionary who has designed a leadership model that increases team performance, output and autonomy to free up leaders.

David Jenyns is an entrepreneur, speaker, and best-selling author who has unlocked the secret to successful leadership with less work, energy and effort.

You’ll discover the blueprint to guiding your team to results without micro management or burnout.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • Learn to lead, instead of “control” so the team takes responsibility for strategic outcomes whether you’re there or not.
  • Discover how “systemisation” is the key to growing an autonomous and self-motivated team in 2021 and beyond.
  • Learn the art of navigating challenges and taking a concept to reality in record time.
  • The formula to develop elite problem-solving skills, so no challenge is unsolvable amongst the team.
  • Unlock a method for creating space to expand on the company’s vision, while the team get sh*t done in the background.


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