dianne mcgrath

sustainability expert and biohacker


Sustainability and waste management are global issues that periodically dominate headlines.

As the world raises consciousness, so does our care for protecting the environment for future generations.

Developing a sustainable approach to life comes with numerous benefits, having a ripple effect throughout society.

Small actions can influence others to do the same and start a chain reaction that paves a much brighter tomorrow.

The first step is identifying the small opportunities creating catalysts for massive change in your space.

So how do we find these possibilities that compound into long-term results?

On this thrilling episode of The Few Podcast, Dr Dianne McGrath has the answers.

Dr Dianne is a thought leader and one of the 100 candidates selected for Mars One, a project to set the first human colony on the planet.

 As an individual with a knack for uncovering hidden potential, she has spent a lifetime advancing where people often retreat.

This resilience has led her to some life-changing discoveries in the sustainability movement.

How do you positively change the world?

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