dion devow

Founder of darkies designs

Is your message loud and clear, or are you shrinking into the crowd?

As humans, we constantly strive for new ways to get our message out to the world, yet, broadcasting this message is hard when your back is against the wall, with opposition in your face.

This experience begs the question, how do you continue to stay positive when everything appears to be falling apart?

What would it take to continue raising your voice even louder?

Is it possible to have an impact without losing people along the way?

In this episode of The Few Podcast, Dion Devow reveals how it feels to be “different” in Australia.

From the toughest beginnings, Dion’s determination and will have positively impacted the world, giving birth to Darkie Designs, (a fashion empire) that is a household name for Aboriginals and Non-Aboriginals today.

Dedicated to touching lives while chasing a dream, Dion worked in the education, justice, business, and health sectors for more than two decades.  

Regarded as a leading Australian negotiator and arbitrator, Dion’s is a success story that proves anything is possible.


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