Dr Wesley Payne McClendon

CEO and Chairman of The GROW Project Foundation (USA)

Dr McClendon helps business leaders and organisations around the world in the areas of transformation, disruption and change.

In typical working environments, control is an element that leaders have historically loved maintaining over their teams.

However, with changing times and working remotely more common than ever, should leaders drop this outdated strategy?

In today’s episode of The Few Podcast, join anchors Boo and Sean as they discuss the changing workplace paradigm with renowned strategist Dr. Wesley Payne McClendon.

According to this performance expert and tactician, giving up control is actually what makes you a competent leader.

If you’re wondering how that is even possible, then don’t miss a second of this episode!

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • Why “control” is an outdated approach to leadership (and how to let go).
  • How to embrace “trust”, the secret ingredient in these times of generational disruption.
  • The power of focusing less on the process and shifting to outcomes to improve your overall team performance.
  • The art to leveraging the current global climate to improve your leadership skills 10-fold.
  • The basic steps required to adjust to the new normal in 2021. 


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