Jahan Kalantar

TEDx Speaker, Lawyer & Entrepreneur

Law and litigation are complex areas to explore!

Yet, no one can overstate the importance of developing some basic knowledge in this application.

Understanding the relevance and impact of the court system pre-pandemic and now in a lockdown, can enlighten you on how the judiciary process works.

For decades, the role of lawyers in establishing and protecting the rights and assets of their clients has been controversial.

Many people believe that money spent seeking legal counsel (especially when it doesn’t “appear necessary”) are funds that could have been reallocated elsewhere.

However, this mindset may come back to bite in the long run.

The question is, how do you strike a balance between being financially prudent and legally guarding yourself?

Then, what exactly are you paying for when engaging the services of a competent lawyer?

What are the best practices to ensure you stay on the protected side of the Law?

On this episode of The Few Podcast, we happily welcome Jahan Kalantar to guide us through the often complicated relationship between the Law and society.

As a Sydney-based solicitor, respected university lecturer, and leading entrepreneur, he brings a unique and first-hand insight into legal matters.

Don’t wait for a pending lawsuit to brush up your knowledge of modern Law.

Seize this opportunity to learn from one of the very best in Australia’s legal industry today.

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