Jason Clarke

Leader In Innovation & Problem Solving | Founder Of Minds At Work

If you have the right tools, you can fix anything.

You possess the thinking capacity to solve every puzzle and riddle, yet lack the time and freedom to properly carry out this exercise.

The thinking process goes beyond execution, requiring you to identify reasons and motivations for each activity before embarking on it.

Furthermore, different activities require different thought patterns to effectively determine what goes where.

Join co-stars Boo and Sean on this episode of The Few Podcast as they invite Jason Clarke, one of the most creative minds of recent times to impart his wisdom and experience in this area.

The Founder of Minds at Work believes that achieving your true potential is possible when you are able to ground your thought process.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • How to expertly link daily actions with the future to provide intrinsic motivation.
  • The steps to identifying each different thought processes to achieve the end outcome.
  • How to differentiate between abstract thought and fantasy with a powerful twist.
  • Creating an optimal space to trigger peak performance.
  • How to own your ‘grey area’ and of course what ‘grey area’ is.


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