Jim “Murph” Murphy


Jim Murphy – A Young Farm Boy From Kentucky, Founder Of Afterburner, Inc.

Chaos breeds ground-breaking opportunity.

Learning to identify and seize life-changing moments is what distinguishes the many from The Few.

Join anchors Boo and Sean on a special edition of The Few Podcast as they discuss changing times and how to exploit these opportunities for success with expert business consultant and entrepreneur, Jim Murphy.

From discovering how to find inspiration in the smallest things to carving a visible space in the world of business and events, unlock Jim’s secrets to turning crisis into your big break.

Here are highlights from today’s episode:

  • How do you build a powerful network to support your goals?
  • What are the secrets to standing out and seizing opportunities?
  • What do you get from where you are now to where you want to be?
  • The revelation of seeing success as a journey, not a destination.
  • How to develop a “FEM” Flawless Execution Model.


3:00 – Murph’s backstory
5:50 – Selling photocopiers
9:00 – Building a networking and finding the right people
10:50 – What separated Murph from the rest (getting into the air force as a fighter pilot)
13:10 – Success drivers
17:30 – How Murph started Afterburner Inc.
21:55 – Landing Home Depot as the first client (incredible story)
28:10 – Clients that Murph has worked with in the past
30:00 – Flawless Execution – Taking an idea and putting it into action
38:00 – Murph’s biggest wins
40:15 – Plan, Brief, Execute, Debrief.
46:30 – Why planning comes first.
48:30 – Nameless & Rankless
49:30 – Open & honest communication
50:00 – The leader has to commit and rolemodel a process
52:00 – Tips to get through the economic downturn
55:10 – What is the driver for your motivation every day?
59:15 – Start earlier.


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