Joel neeb

ceo of afterburner, former air force pilot

The past 24 months have brought about some of the most disruptive times the world has ever faced.

As a business grows, so do the potential triggers, and we often hear about the health problems associated with stress. 

While the media often positions events as “doom and gloom”, a shift in perspective can shine a light on the most important things.

Even though there are new challenges, recent events have redefined the playing field for those ready to play!

These events can throw us off balance, calling it quits leaving our teams and businesses behind or stare down the face of the unknown without fear and make life-altering decisions to thrive!

In this episode of The Few Podcast, we invite a man who turns chaos into opportunity.

Being one of the most elite fighter pilots in American history and beating cancer, Joel “Thor” Neeb has a track record of conquering uphill battles in spades!

More recently, Joel successfully redesigned the operations of his consulting company, “Afterburner” to succeed in the covid world when traditional approaches got taken away.

What is the secret to achieving this level of success professionally and personally?’

Joel shares it all on this special episode of The Few Podcast!

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