kate roffey

president of the melbourne football club


Dominating a highly-competitive space is a feat specially reserved for members of “The Few”!

This statement poses the question…

Is it possible to enter a saturated industry and make an impact despite all the competition and noise?

Successfully managing the pressure that comes with running a business or leading a team is what separates the elite from the crowd.

Today we will unpack how to do this in 2022.

Despite being in charge and making the big calls, it is important to note everything is much bigger than you.

Difficult tasks require world-class management, otherwise, they always fall back on the leader.

This experience means you need to inspire the team to perform autonomously with permission to step up as required.

You must also learn to embrace the challenges that “letting go” create. 

Never lose sight of yourself when chasing goals because this self-care is the foundation to fulfilment.

Discover the formula that goes into high-level achievement with Kate Roffey on this episode of The Few Podcast.

As an experienced leader, Kate has held several offices, using these positions to cultivate rapid change.

Currently serving as the AFL president of the Melbourne Demons, Kate recently led the Dee’s to break a 6-decade Premiership drought in her first year!

Find out how to replicate this level of success on the show today!

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