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world record pilot and keynote speaker


Making fast decisions is critical in business, but making the right decisions under pressure is even more crucial. 

In this episode Lachie Smart details his experiences making life or death decisions under extreme pressure – and on his own.

Lachie Smart is not your average 24 year old. 

At just 16 years old, Lachie decided to become the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world and just two and a half years later at 18 years old he achieved this. But Lachie’s journey was far, far from easy. From tireless months of getting told nothing but “no ” when trying to secure sponsorship to only just escaping death due to a bad decision, Lachie knows resilience and perseverance on levels many adults haven’t experienced. 

If you’re looking for ways to inspire people to jump onboard your vision like Lachie did, or want to learn how to execute faster and more effectively in your business by making clear, collaborative critical decisions, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

Overcoming objection and seeing setbacks as the foundation to success is a mindset that can be developed, in this episode, Boo, Sean and Lachie explore ways to do just that. The team explore how to stop getting stuck in the weeds of your business and how to switch busy for productive. Lachie also shares some key insights into the power of measuring your success on a day-to-day basis – “If you’re not measuring how well you are improving since yesterday, are you actually improving?” 

Discover the formula that goes into identifying your purpose and how to structure your life around that which you love.  

During this interview, Lachie shares words of wisdom from his father that acted as a guiding light for him during his darkest times and how he was able to set the record as the youngest pilot to ever fly solo around the world. He delves into his dream to support and mentor millennials as they make their own difficult life choices as well as sharing insights into the business world and the lessons he has learnt through working directly with high level executives and business leaders.  

In this episode Lachie also shares key insights into lessons he learnt during the planning stage of his solo flight and lessons he learnt in the air.  

Find out how to identify and develop your purpose, how to make faster decisions backed by strategy and how to overcome the hardest of challenges life throws at you.

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