Leanne Elich

CEO of leane elich consulting

When entrepreneurs start a business or push a brand forward, they’ll often analyse the competition and strategy.

This process helps to get organised, plus understand the risks and rewards that come with their industry.

Although, even with extensive preparation and analysis, entrepreneurs and leaders must factor in the psychological component of business, leadership and life to fully excel.

Neglecting the mental side means leaders will not get the best out of their business, team, and themselves.

To understand how emotions and behaviour impacts business growth is none other than Leanne Elich, the C.E.O of Leanne Elich Consulting, joining us on The Few Podcast.

After three decades in the medical industry before transitioning to industrial, Leanne is one of Australia’s most prominent psychology-driven business strategists and leadership coaches.

In this show, Leanne will deep-dive into how science affects business. 

You will unlock essential steps to foster a winning workplace mentality with yourself, the team, and the business.

This episode covers the other side of the business equation.

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