lisa o’neill

author and professional speaker

Have the last 12-14 months felt like a rollercoaster ride?

The truth is surprises come in both good or bad!

You’re responsible for finding reasons to either retreat or expand (and take charge of the situation).

Focus and pay more attention to the things you can do and control to discover more opportunities to grow. 

Consciously chose to find the positive in every situation and you’ll operate from an abundant and creative place.

It ultimately comes down to taking responsibility for yourself, actions, inactions and happiness.

On this episode of The Few Podcast, co-anchors Boo and Sean welcome Lisa O’Neill who brings extensive experience in the field of positive thinking and getting results to this energy-charged episode.

On the show, Lisa explains that even though the world has changed, the resources and tools you need to live well remain the same; connection, inspiration, and an abundance of positive energy.

Are you ready to discover how to do this?

Let’s go!

Highlights From Today’s Episode:

  • The mindset shifts to unlocking unique opportunities in crisis time.
  • The power of taking responsibility and extreme ownership for your actions.
  • How to distinguish between helping and enabling on your path to serving others.
  • How to stay grounded and avoid breaking down while everyone else is falling apart.
  • Learning to live the life you love on-demand regardless of where you’re starting from.


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