Lucas Laxale

Serial Entrepreneur & Tech Innovator

The entrepreneurial journey is unique…

In most fields, you get clear guidelines to follow, what to do and how to do it.
Entrepreneurs on the other hand have to figure it out on their own, one step at a time.

While this might prove challenging, the potential it holds for reward is limitless.
It helps when you have a voice of support, encouragement, and access to the right resources.

Follow anchors Boo and Sean on this week’s episode of The Few Podcast as they welcome on-board entrepreneur and CEO extraordinaire, Lucas Laxale to download his expertise in business.

Acknowledged all over the world in the field of innovation, Lucas has been practising the principles of entrepreneurship for decades.

On this show, he’ll be sharing the secrets he’s learned and strategies behind his proven success formula in several growing niches.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • Expensive business lessons; such as you pay cheap, you pay twice.
  • The power behind an elite support system on the path to a successful business career.
  • The psychology behind cultivating a “can-do attitude” to tackle any issue head-on.
  • The power of defining your big goals in intricate detail.
  • How to positively embrace enormous challenges in the entrepreneurial landscape.

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