luke mathers

author of Curious Habits

Navigating business and life is inevitably stressful at times, and as humans, we develop unique and sometimes rather curious little habits to help combat what we’re feeling inside.


From stress to anxiety to depression, we try to find solutions in habits that are often more a hindrance than a help. Uncomfortable and difficult emotions are part of entrepreneurship and life, so it’s essential we find healthier ways to deal with what’s going on inside.

Learning how to harness these difficult emotions will lead to improved communication, leadership skills and confidence. 

It is possible to embrace stress and anxiety and to use these feelings as indicators to prompt positive habits which pull you forward in the direction you actually want to go. 

However, before you can create new habit loops, you need to understand the root cause as to why you have created the current habits. 

What feeling are you trying to numb, avoid or remove?

In this episode, award-winning author Luke Mathers is back to tackle the power of habits and the importance of remaining curious when it comes to learning more about why you do what you do. 

 In his book, Curious Habits, Luke extensively examines the human psyche, and the role habits play in our behaviour.


It is through understanding your own behaviour, which often goes unnoticed unless deliberately examined, that you can then empower yourself to make lasting changes.

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