Natalie Waters


Success Coach & Behavioural Profiler

Does life feel like an adventure?

On this exhilarating journey, it’s important to learn the right lessons from every exchange.

Whether it’s business, career, or teammates, there’ll always be bumps in the road to face head-on.

Being able to confront the risks whilst executing plans that deliver the desired results is ultimately essential for success.

Join anchors Boo and Sean of this special episode of The Few Podcast as they welcome a personality with a versatile background, Natalie Waters.

Originally starting her career as the founder and owner of a sea kayak company in the Sunshine Coast, Natalie took a 180 transforming into an accomplished Development Success Coach and mentor.

Being able to go with the flow, learning to bend but never break is the foundation upon which Natalie’s success story is built.

Follow this episode as we explore the life and career of Natalie Waters and discover how she redefined success to become the inspiration she is today.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • How to expertly identify and seize major growth opportunities in 2021.
  • Learning to fully appreciate life’s lessons and turn them into compounding assets.
  • How to prepare yourself (and the team) to thrive in the unknown, while others break down.
  • How to motivate others to perform at elite levels without micro-management.
  • Understanding the power of effective communication and the role it plays in success.


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