Steve Sammartino

Australia’s Leading Futurist | Keynote Speaker

We chat with Australia’s leading futurist steve sammartino.

When you create a sense of ownership about something, you constantly work over and above to make it better. That’s what entrepreneurship is ultimately about; finding better ways to solve problems.

Join anchors Boo and Sean on this week’s podcast of The Few as they engage technology economist and keynote speaker Steve Sammartino.

Get a front-row seat as Steve shares a thorough breakdown of how to super-charge your perspective to get the most of yourself and team.
If you want to learn how to adopt elite leadership skills and methodology in these changing times, then this is an episode you simply can’t afford to miss!

Here are some unmissable highlights from today’s episode:

● How do you shake off the industrial age mentality plaguing society?
● How do you transition from a manager to a high-performance leader?
● The game-changing difference between setting tasks and assigning objectives.
● What is the secret to managing a team in a world of heightened instability?
● How do you discover yourself and invent a new future


1:40 – The lesson behind growing a pizza
4:00 – Giving your team objectives that allow for exploration and mistakes to find a better plath
5:40 – How Steve measures success
7:20 – The path to success and happiness – focusing on your strengths
10:00 – Narrowing your focus and working smarter not harder
11:30 – The old “9 to 5” is a disaster
15:30 – Personal risk & financial risk in starting on a new path – the power of saving money
17:25 – Delayed gratification
19:00 – Living life in percentages and ratios
19:30 – The shitty little jobs
20:30 – Shortcuts to success – possible or not possible?
22:40 – What are the hacks to innovate in large organisations
24:00 – Embracing failure & rewarding effort
29:00 – Frequency beats depth
33:00 – Too much information can be your enemy
34:30 – How to access high quality information
37:00 – The future of technology and business
41:00 – Three sources of knowledge to change your life
43:00 – Invest more in yourself than you do in your job

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