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It’s no secret that the path to success is filled with obstacles, challenges and adversity.

It takes time to grow resilience, but if you really want to reach that big mission, becoming more resilient is the key to unlocking your potential. 

The good news is that no matter where you’re starting from, resilience is a muscle, and with training, it can grow stronger.

Successfully managing teams, developing your business and reaching milestones is no easy feat, but the right mindset can make the journey a whole lot more fun. Through self awareness we can evaluate where we currently are in terms of our resilience levels and where we want to be. Then, it’s about getting to work to grow that muscle. 

Today we explore the pathway to becoming more resilient. 

Discover the formula that goes into high-level resilience with Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk on this episode of The Few Podcast.

As experienced Officers from the Special Air Services (SASR), NBA grads and veterans of the Australian Army, Tim Curtis and Ben Pronk know what it takes to build and maintain resilience. 

Tim and Ben have used their positions within leadership roles to educate their teams on what it takes to become resilient and overcome adversity.

During this interview, Tim and Ben share their experiences on the power of self awareness and gratitude, the cure for cognitive overload and how to navigate the fine balance between being resilient without losing yourself and becoming too tough. We also discuss the paradox of needing to be vulnerable to be resilient and the need to let your guard down and connect with others.

Find out how to grow your resilience muscle on the show today!

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