Tony Nash 

CEO and Founder Of & Keynote Speaker

Tony offers deep and real insight into the power of maintaining a positive attitude from the epicenter of setbacks.

The pandemic has brought its fair share of doom and gloom, yet some leaders have chosen to remain intent on pursuing their vision.

So what’s the secret to leveraging your current position and taking advantage of new opportunities?

Join anchors Boo and Sean on this week’s podcast of The Few as entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Booktopia Tony Nash uses his experience in e-commerce to share the power of taking a leap of faith.

From hiring people to choosing the next investment, many entrepreneurs and business owners need to harness the gift of patience.

Discover how important the little things are to when it comes to sustained success in life and business.

Here are some highlights of today’s episode:

  • The value of timing in any market and the secret sauce to getting it right.
  • The art of letting go of everything that’s holding you back and transitioning to an empowered state of flow.
  • How to set your “success horizon” and formulate the strategies to bring this vision to life.
  • The importance of investing in the basics and non-complex to attain lofty outcomes.
  • How to take challenges head-on instead of retreating and shrinking.


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