Information Use

The Few Podcast will not publish or display client contact or financial information. Further, The Few Podcast will NOT provide a third party with contact details, including email addresses, at any time.

Type Of Information Collected

Contact information such as name, address, telephone numbers and email address are collected and stored. When users sign up and use a credit card, the credit card details are not stored. The details are transmitted electronically and discarded.


Guests/Listeners of The Few Podcast will be contacted directly by us for a variety of service and/or marketing reasons. Such communication will include but is not limited to: Special Offers and Updates, Newsletter, Service Announcements and the like.
Such contact will be via normal email. It is the responsibility of each “The Few” Podcast Guests/Listeners to ensure that personal contact information, particularly the email address is kept current and valid.


This website takes every reasonable precaution to ensure privacy and to protect members information, particularly contact information and financial information. Where sensitive information such as financial information is requested (eg credit card details), that information is encrypted and protected to the highest industry standard in common use – SSL.

We also do everything reasonable possible to protect client information in the off-line environment. Only senior and trusted employees ever get to see client sensitive information on an “as needs” basis in order to complete a particular task.


The Few Podcast reserve the right to change the booking at any time without and notice. Any bookings placed prior to this change cannot be amended.